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" Love is the greatest discipline.

We cannot build it with hatred."

When Love Speaks, the book…has developed into an online book project that will now serve to inspire the hearts of Humanity, to reach beyond their present state of awareness and understanding, with the intention to broaden the world’s knowledge of Peace through the multifaceted aspects of Love.


We have gathered, and will continue to collect (please feel free to send us yours) writings from individuals from all around the world who have made their own unique contact with Love and wish to share it here with the global Lightbearers Community. Once destined for the pages of a book, which in the future will undoubtedly come to be, it can now be seen, first, here on our website. When we reach more than the Wix system can hold, we will run a first edition. Thank you again to all who saw the purpose and vision.


Enjoy the many voices of Love, from around the world. Come back as often as your heart requires Love's ripple of consciousness. 


* The online book runs on a slide progression reel. To manually operate, hover over slide to stop. Use control arrows; click there to advance the slides. Enjoy! 

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When Love Speaks, Love Says...


The Book,

When Love Speaks

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