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The Universal Symbolagrams
 A Creative Nexus of Art & Science

  This masterfully created iconology art collection, The Universal Symbolagrams, and the written prose that accompanies it, are the Magnus Opus of Laura Taylor; the Lightbearers World Center's Director and AHLB (2004 to date.) Laura, guided by the wisdom found in the Science of Being teachings, devoted sixteen years to soulfully design each piece as to artfully describe the Great Law and Its relationship with all Life, all Mind, all Truth, all Love, and all Spirit-Vibration, and Equanimity here on this relative plane of existence. The 6th piece in this collection is titled 'The Mosaic of Being;' it portrays all the symbolic aspects of The Great Law interacting as ONE Great Law.


  Each piece contains so much more for the viewer to behold; they were designed to cultivate. The mystical knowledge of the aspects of The Great Law, are revealed through the finely detailed cyphers symbolizing the spirit of their stories. They contain the deeper wisdoms shown to Laura throughout the many years studding the Science of Being, and from her 20 years as the AHLB Director here at the Lightbearers World Center. Laura has dedicated this collection to the future Lightbearers of this World. 

  A full spectrum of elemental forms of various mediums were used in the creation of these masterpieces. Each object was carefully selected to be placed as to define knowledge to be discovered. Materials used: antiquities from different centuries, iconology fine art, vintage notions and threads, gems of all kinds, fine handmade art paper from around the world, gold, silver, bronze, copper, mixed metals, paint, mirror art, and clay

To view collection, click links here.  Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, The Great Law.

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