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The Timekeeper

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I Am Mind. In the Earth’s atmospheric realm of existence, I am a deep aqueous, tri-dimensional plane wherefrom consciousness arises to make manifest what I constitute what truth reveals to me in this realm. I interpret what truth governs, and what love sustains. I project mental spirit into the field of all potential. I detail what truth’s loyalty is firmly seeded in, and shine the light on what love truly adores. And as a result, the Spirit of Life conjures the vibrational elements to bring forth a perfect manifestation, into some form of divinely guided physical reality. My measurements are precisely mediated; the time is always now. I create matter based on the warming rays of Love or from the cold detailed corners of separation. When I manifest harmoniously through all my components—my unconscious and conscious feminine, my unconscious and conscious masculine, and the seeded aspects of my Superconscious Soul-- I am optimally in triune-tune with oneness. My bell tolls with true North. Harmony within, results in the without. When in my totality, operating as one, I am fully alive and in my awakened state. I become an unstoppable mental force for creation. My conscious realm will contain as much intelligence as I am willing to behold. What remains, will lie dormant in slumbering states waiting for awareness to be liberated. Thought dust contains the vibrational language of mental spirit. All of what I am, feeds the unified collective pool. The body is a sculpture molded by the Soul, but it is I, the spirit of mind that holds the chisel, which carves out life’s design. “I think, therefore I am”.

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