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The Composer

I Am Truth; the Law within The Great Law. In my immutable state, I am Eternal stability. Balance. I am one with the Grand Architect. I am what I am. In the realm of the relative ‘free will’ zone I, Truth, by way of my vibrational laws, govern the Spirit of Life and the Spirit of Mind, and Love’s attraction sustains it all. My sigil reveals my constitution in both worlds, I am the key that unlocks liberation for the ever-evolving sovereign soul. Here, I am the governing composer in the magnetic field. I spin emotional vibration, absolutely, as its anatomy is revealed to me; the effect is the evidence of the force I wield in creation. I am what is sincerely and genuinely at home in the heart. I am pure intentional energy in action; I mirror it flawlessly. I am the all-knowing eye in the sky and the one that roams the grounds. I do not negotiate with alibis. I don’t miss a heartbeat, and nothing pulls my chain. Time or space do not escape my hammer of authority. I am an eternal imprintable decree. I become. I am the way to the higher realms of Love and Knowledge. My doorway swings freely between the worlds. In the sea of Love, I am the only wish worth casting and fish worthy of the catch. I am freedom when it sings. It is I, Truth, that turns the wheels of spiritual justice as they churn. I am a root with a cause, a perennial path one must travel to reach transmutation, in this realm of existence. Nothing escapes my discernment, in the name of Love. I am the Guardian. I am the Liberator. I am Truth.

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