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The Vessel

I Am Spirit, I operate one with Vibration. I am the first emanation of imprintable Primal Energy made manifest from a point of unity. Therefore, I, too, endure throughout eternity, pervade all space, and am in perpetual motion throughout the whole of the Universe. In the Absolute Eternal Realm, I am The Great Spirit with a capital ‘S'; my cadence never steps outside Its sphere of Harmony. In the earthly realm of dimensional separation, I bend to the arch of the will of Life Vibrations and Mental Vibrations. My fundamental duty, in all realms, is to contain all vibration pertaining to what All Life-creates; what All Mind-constitutes; what All Truth-governs, and what All Love-sustains. They are my rhapsody and I theirs. I am their vessel and the interpreter for their pure intentional expression; I never sway from their Truth. I am true to their every imprintable emotion. I, by way of my spiritual force, manifest the sum total of their combined magnetic energy. I am the alchemist that conjures and gives meaning to all. I design and unfold the Cosmic Egg and guides what pollinates the fruit on the Tree of Life. I am the essence that moves the senses to arouse Soul to create. I determine the view from every aspiring peak and what is nested. I evoke every tear fallen, song ever sung, and story ever told. I form the past, present, and the future. All Life, All Mind, All Truth merge as one energy, and together, by way of creative force, backed with Universal Energy, I, Spirit, manifest their totality through All Love’s magnetic decree of attraction. I am time made Eternal.

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