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The Grotto


  I Am Life. I am primal anatomy becoming soulfully whole. Nature, in its entirety, is my wild muse—It forages the path for which destiny or fate is uncovered through me. I am the nectar of tenacious inspiration; pure creative intuition; thriving potential in its purest form. It is through thy senses one will embrace the awakening of thy Spirit in thee. Feel, hear, touch, smell, taste, and see my beauty bloom in this realm of existence. Here, on the plane of Relative Matter, the Earth is my sacred medicine bundle, it either nourishes me or it destroys me. I bear reverent witness to physical time and space, by way of the Laws that govern it. I am a magnetic force of imprintable energy. I create with waves of collected vibrations, which beckons the elemental world to rise up to prove my existence symbolically. Universal Life Energy is thy crust and thy bones. I will either stand Truthfully in the optimal character of my immutable aspects or I will wither and decay on the vine of the mutable, leaving aspects of my magnificence unknown, unbreathed, and un-flown. In my Infinite state, one with the Great Law, I, Life, am Eternal.

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