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The Savior

I Am Love; the spark that ignites spirit to fill the fields with plenty. I Sustain what Spirit contains-- All Life\Physicality, All Mind/Intelligence, and All Truth/Law. I am magnetic force backed by Primal Energy. In this realm, the realm of the Relative, I manifest what emotion is devoted and most loyal to; I am attraction in action. I am the oil that feeds the Light of Mind. Harmony is my moniker. To wish upon my stars without considering Wisdom first, would be a gross miscalculation. I am creation born from the heart, pure directional energy. I am an eternal flame that can never be extinguished; I shine in utter darkness. My Light is always on. I am the one essence that transcends and dissolves all of Humanity’s differences; the one common bond that unites spirit in this World; I am the gift. When used as a weapon, I ultimately conqueror existence. My profound nature is born into every heart. I am a birthright; the first manifestation of the cosmos; the Rootless root. It is I, what is Love, as we live Life, which designs the human blueprint of our spirit and impacts the Divine Destiny of our Soul. I am the Grand Architect’s first emotional experience about Its Universal masterpiece. I mirror desire.

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