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The Mosaic of Being

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I Am, The Great Law.  Scientific and spiritual knowledge defines my omnipresence as ‘The One Great Law of the Absolute.’ I underlie all other laws. I operate on all planes, and express myself through everything, always in the same way. I am characterized by my three Immutable aspects: First—All Life, All Mind, All Truth, All Love merge as one vibration; one Spirit of Unity and Harmony. Secondly, I govern everything everywhere in the same way, from the greatest star down to the smallest electron. I do not discriminate. I created, ALL, equally. Lastly--everything is Vibration; therefore, everything is Spirit. I operate as one harmonic and all powerful law in the Absolute Eternal Realm, whereas, in the earthly realm of existence, I operate in a triune state of dimensional separation—the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Whilst mind having the free-will to wield its illusional reign of power on this plane, Truth still governs the effect to all cause set into motion. I am the energetic architect that engineers the Spiral of Life. The mystery of my knowledge and understanding is reflected in all that is made manifest on the material plane. I am the science that explains the ‘I’ in the ‘I Am.’ I ennoble the Egg of Life. I am that which sustains the sun, the moon, and the stars. I pervade all space and time. The Divine Book of Nature is my shadow. All natural law follows me. I am a still but stentorian inner voice, some call me intuition, or the Higher Self; I am that and more... When felt on the physical and mental planes, I come as a Divine Spark of Inspirational Vibration-Spirit, one that can touch and stir the primal Soul. I Am that which is above made manifest below-- from within becomes the without. I am the celestial nest where all inception spawn. I am the Law that defines the Absolute Eternal through what all Life-Creates, all Mind-Constitutes, all Truth-Governs, all Love’s magnetic force Sustains, and all Spirit-Contains. I am the Law that unfolds the mosaic of all Being; I am The Great Law.

Art & Prose by Laura Taylor AHLB

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