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The Law of Love & Attraction



The Law of Love is also known as the Law of Attraction. Love is the greatest discipline. We cannot build it with hatred. The foundation for Harmony is Love. It is within each of us. It is more precious to one's Spirit, than anything else on Earth. Without attraction, the Universe and all that is contained within it, could not exist, function, or remain in a state of stability. The world can only be saved by the unfolding within our minds, of Love and Its unbelievable Strength and Its All Powerful aspects.

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On the Physical Plane of existence, the human mind has no power of attraction, except when Love enters. Love is the Law and the manifestation of Its Law. Attraction is the Law and the manifestation of Its Law. Everything is vibration. Love on this plane is the most powerful force that we know of. The more Love we generate, through our physical existence, the more there is the fulfillment of Life for the embodied Soul.

Love is the Law and the Fulfillment of the Law. It must be felt.

Love is not subtle. Love is strong; It is never weak. It is gentle, compassionate, kind, and it can also be fierce. There are many aspects to Love.  On the mental plane, if we do not 'feel' love we cannot project Love/Attraction. We can imitate it, and as a result, we will manifest the same-imitations at best. Such vibrations, if they could be registered, would show that they were manufactured by the mind.  Even manifestations of love must be proven to the Mind--it has forgotten how to feel it. When we really love, we need no assurance. It never forgets and always remembers. Love fell into the subconscious aspects of Mind, and there, Love got lost. Most love, today, is born from the fall it took into the subconscious. Those who fall in 'real' Love do not fall in Love, they Love. Love is manifested through our own unique perceptive lens, and with our innate senses we embrace Love, as we have learned it to be-- from our first breath. The measure of one's Mental Force and Loving Vibrations contained and projected from one's Life Center out into the Universal Field of All Potential to consciously manifest one's goal, will reap the benefits of sustainable and harmonic results. And, once again, Mind will know Love is its finest manifesting quality. All Three Planes create the activity of attraction and manifestation; each requires their impute to the process. 

On the plane of Law/Truth, Truth has the Key to Love. Love does not have the Key to Law/Truth. The Truth of one's intention is the Director in 'The Universal Field of All Potential' and it GOVERNS ALL ATTRACTION. It is true to Its Vibration and It never falters; It is Eternal. To do the optimal thing is to live up to the corner of Truth; this is the gateway to Real Love. Love/Attraction is inherent in us, but it must be cultivated, like the watering of a seed. Love/Attraction, the Fourth Corner of the FourSquare, includes within itself the first three Corners--It SUSTAINS ALL Life, Mind, and Truth and all their finer aspects which flow in sincerity with Love. It is the accumulation of these forces in our world which honestly paints a picture of Love in our lives, and of our world. 


Human love is a ladder to step into higher vibrations. We cannot get the highest most optimal vibrations without faith supporting us. Only Faith and Trust enables us to contact the most optimal connection with Love, because Faith and Love are inseparable. This is very important to remember-- Faith means to completely surrender to the will of one's Destiny; to the calling of one's Soul. Faith, like Love, can never be forced, manipulated, or untrue to the nature of Its own Laws; It will always Love/Attract. When we have the wisdom of the Great Law working through our own daily activities, we know to have complete Faith in something we have intended to create, because we have seen and we know the immeasurable manifestations of creation that Love brings to life. Our purpose to Love/Attract something in the name of Love, is born into everyone of us. It is the first miracle that our own Spirit experiences--to live and Love life.  

Love is the Law and the fulfillment of the Law.  It never forgets and always remembers. The slightest manifestation of love is perfect, if it is really a manifestation of Love.

All great teachers of Humanity have always had their teachings based on Love. They loved human beings, and they taught human beings how to love. People usually see in those teachings only the emotional, the altruistic, the ideal, yet how few realize the immense practical value and the real science of their wisdom. 

Those who have attained the highest on the path of Love, when they reach that condition where nothing but love comes to them from everywhere and from everybody, are then ready for the final test of Love. Jealousy, hatred, malice, all evil passions, are thrown at them again, but this time not to awaken within them the corresponding characteristics which no longer vibrate with them. All negative, all evil, comes to them for liberation from its own self for transmutation into good. The Life Energy, pure and harmonious, imprisoned as in a shell in every negative act, thought, or emotion, is irresistibly attracted toward those who are the luminaries of Love. Unconsciously it feels that only they are great enough to pierce with the arrows of Love that negative shell around it, to liberate it and thus transmute evil into good. There is no higher and greater work to perform on this plane than the transmutation of evil into good, and those who are able to do it justly deserve to be called the Saviors of the World. It is usually with their lives that they pay the price for that transmutation, for that service they render to Humanity. But is there an effort too great, a price too high, to pay for the liberation of Humanity from the bonds of Evil? Human hatred, jealousy, and all the other evil passions, like a great wave, lifted Jesus to the Cross. As a deadly arrow, they transfixed the human body of Krishna and caused His mortal self to die. They persecuted Buddha, and every other lesser teacher who ever taught Humanity the Law of Love. As in the days of old, so in modern times the same fact repeats itself. It is the age-old Evil which comes continually for liberation from its own negative qualities. And Love, gentle yet strong, presses to its heart those thorny branches of Evil, and with its warmth, its tenderness, makes them burst forth into beautiful blossoms of Love. 

Teachings on the Law of Love and Its defining aspect, Attraction, are from the books Science of Being 7 Lessons, Advanced Teachings in Science of Being, and the Rare Archival Lectures found in the book The Teacher, by Eugene Fersen. For the complete instructions on the Law of Love and Attraction, refer to those books found on our Store Page. More teachings on Love.
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