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Law of Evolution



The Law of Evolution is an Eternal Law. It never started and will never come to an end. It is the Law of the Eternal Spiral, going from Infinity up to Infinity.

How is it possible for it to continue from a beginningless beginning to an endless unfoldment? In our subconscious, it is not possible to understand it. It is beyond the three-dimensional state of consciousness. It is in that Realm where Freedom is reigning supreme.

The Law of Evolution, that saving ray of the Great Law, expresses itself on three planes, the physical, the mental, and the Spiritual. When on the Spiritual plane, it appears as Eternal Unfoldment. When seen through the physical or mental lens, its evolutionary action is called progress. This wind which whirls the dust from the ground and carries it up into the air, is governed by that Law. It proceeds in spirals, the spiral being the form through which the Law operates. The cyclone on dry land, the typhoon on the sea, are governed by the same Law. Whenever left to themselves to operate normally, all vibrations tend naturally

to rise upward. It is only through conscious or unconscious perversion that this upward tendency can be reversed. Evil itself is nothing but the reversed upward movement of good. Positive vibrations, whenever reversed in their ever ascending and unfolding course, become negative, and assume then all those characteristics which are called "evil." If it were not for the Law of Evolution, the laws of Rhythm and Polarity would have kept Humanity in their clutches eternally. Yet no matter how much those laws, especially the law of Rhythm, try to throw us back to the point from which we started, they do not succeed because of that Law of Evolution. There is always a little gain on the side of the Positive, due to the continual operation of that Eternal Helpmate of ours. We call it HOPE, as it always carries us beyond our own human selves, remains with us, sustains and uplifts us, when everything else seems to have deserted us. It is like the last string of that great Lyre called Human Life, which, when the rest are broken, still strikes into our hearts new courage to continue the struggle and to win our fight. Being a Law and an Eternal one, it is not only Hope that the Law of Evolution brings to us, but also the assurance that no matter what may happen, SUCCESS and TRIUMPH are ours eventually.

We should try to realize that the Eternal has given us the Law to take away the monotony of life, to give us in our earthly life more freedom and happiness. When we have fulfilled our course, after many more incarnations, we will realize what a wonderful Law it is. It works against Polarity and Rhythm. These laws, as accepted in our subconsciousness, are only temporarily working, and though seemingly so strong, they are not as strong as the Law of Evolution, which is a Ray of Light shining in utter darkness.

No matter how much we are swinging from the positive to the negative, there is always a small gain. When we deliberately or otherwise violate all the Laws, The Law of Evolution still works. A wrong cause is bound to culminate in a wrong effect. Evolution works through the penalty, by the suffering we go through. The result is that in spite of the mistake, we still evolve. Nothing can stop Evolution. Not even a mistake can stop it. Evolution is carrying us with it all the time. When we fall, we always fall forward. We always cover some ground though sometimes paying a heavy penalty for it. In our present state of consciousness, the Law can be called the Law of Hope. If we understand it, we gain a little more courage.

We should enjoy everything in the proper way and at the proper time. Do not forget those who are suffering. Do not forget that there are some who are friendless and lonely. It will make us more gentle in heart. Evolution, when understood, is our first awakening. It is a wonderful Law. It is a law that fulfills that promise of "Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men." Let us try to cultivate that Law in our minds. Then that Law will help us to find the right way. The Laws of the Universe never rush. They grind slowly, but strongly. No thought, word or action is ever lost. Someday it will come back to us.

Science of Being teachings on the other Eternal Laws, as it is written in the Science of Being 7 Lessons and The Advanced Teaching books, by Eugene Fersen. For complete instructions on the Universal Laws and the Law of Evolution, refer to the Science of Being books.

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