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Joshua Stalnaker CLB, MBS

Hi, I’m Joshua! Thanks for BEing here.

My mission and purpose in all I do is simple: to empower you to embody your truth and live your fullest, most purposeful and most authentic life.


I am a Science of Being Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Certified Spiritual Mentor/Coach and Energy Healer with an MBA in International Business who infuses Numerology and the FourSquare Principle into all of my spiritual & daily practices.


Learning how to step into my most authentic-self was not something I could have done without the Science of Being teachings, as I battled with self-limiting beliefs, perpetual generational-addiction cycles, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. I was a stressed-out husband and father of three children who believed my primary responsibility was climbing up the corporate ladder, and providing for my family regardless of what the costs were to me. I was a Sales VP who loved building & scaling sales teams, crushing quotas and was addicted to the 365-day workaholic grind it took to be ultra successful at that level. 

​I was uninspired by work, burnout from the constant chase of trying to “have it all”, and had an unfulfilled desire for more purpose in my life, which inspired me to make a change.


Confidence, self-love, understanding my value and manifesting abundance was not something that came easy to me. Through my awakening, I learned how to free myself from self-limiting beliefs and utilize my gifts. Limiting beliefs about: my value, my ability to be successful, living healthfully, manifesting abundance and how I can create a life full of purpose & adventure!


I woke up to the worthy, infinite Being that I am and now I empower others to do the same.

Stepping into my purpose allows me to connect as many people as possible with the path of healing, elevating, and soul purpose fulfillment.


I realized the Science of Being teachings I used to harmonize the four corners of my Soul could also help others, who like me, wanted to elevate and heal but didn't understand the steps and process to get there. In all the work I do, whether one-on-one or through the courses, I will help you transform your life into one of soul-alignment, joy and ease - a life where you are wholeheartedly, unapologetically YOU.


We are all powerful co-creators and there is no one-size fits all solution to optimizing your goals and needs. I believe that the truth to our greatest dreams, healing, success, abundance and fulfillment comes through giving ourselves radical permission to walk confidently in our uniqueness.


It’s not about doing it more like them. It’s about BEing more you!

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