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Laura Taylor, AHLB

 Laura Taylor AHLB, has over 37 years of teaching, guiding and inspiring individuals to achieve their optimal potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since 2004, Laura has been one-of-two Acting Head Lightbearers in care of the Lightbearers Organization and the educational estate of Eugene Fersen known as The Teacher of The Teachers; she is a third generation Lightbearer. 


Laura holds two university degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree titled “The Whole Person Healing Process Body, Mind and Spirit," and a Master’s Degree titled "The Fundamental Principles of Scientific Spirituality." She brings to every event she participates in, her unleashed magnetism, life force and profound wisdom. Laura has been honored with titles such as: "One of the most insightful Spiritual Philosophical Scientists of our time," and as an visual artist, her masterful iconology art collection known as 'The Universal Symbolagrams,' is a brilliant body of work; her Opus Magnum.

Laura co-inherited the Educational Estate and Lightbearers Organization of the “Teacher Of The Teachers,” the Baron Eugene Fersen, and is now the Director of the Lightbearers Organization and the Lightbearers World Center. She has dedicated her life to bringing the deeper mysteries and authentic teachings of the Science of Being and other great Truths to the World today. Laura truly possesses a Heart for Humanity.

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