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Goldsmith Studio

Know Thyself

The motto: Know thyself and thou shalt know all.

    This is a very old saying, and highly regarded, especially by the Greeks who laid stress on knowledge. So important that they had it carved in marble over the entrance of their temples.

    It is through evolution of one’s own mind that knowledge is increased, and the more we throw the Light within ourselves, the clearer we see things without. We must be ourselves enlightened before we can enlighten others. Self-knowledge is the greatest knowledge; yet how few today realize that. We take so little trouble to study ourselves. There are thousands of scientists who study everything from worlds as a whole to microbes and don’t know anything about themselves. The majority that study outside phenomena know hardly anything of themselves.

    If human beings would study themselves, that self-knowledge would give them the key to all else. As it says in the Bhagavad Gita- “the greatest science is the science of self.” If human beings through their highest representatives could have tried to know themselves, humanity would not be today a bunch of “could-be’s,” but “aren’ts.”

    That is why we have that motto, for it explains exactly the Science of Being, it explains the aim, the means, and the law through which the aim is achieved. It shows us the start and gives us an idea of the finish. It is the most wonderful statement, which any human being could utter, and in taking the best of everything to join into one harmonious whole, we naturally took it.

Written by Eugene Fersen

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