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The Universal Field

     Let us, now, focus on what can’t be seen, the Universal 'Field' of Creative Potential and Creation. 'The Field' is in constant creative motion; Universal Life Energy is its force. What we think of as merely blank space when we look up, outside, into the sky, is an energetic field made up of strands of magnetic and gravitational spaces all intricately woven together in Unity; according to their aspects of their operation within the Laws. These spaces contain many variants of energetic loops of awareness and consciousness. These variants in the ‘Field’ resonate at different rates of frequency and vibrations and are magnetically drawn to like energy, in the ‘Field’ as well as in the Relative Realm. The 'Field' vibrates at its own rate and has its own quantifiable time and space variables. Most of Humankind cannot see the 'Field', but one can learn to feel it and communicate with it through the flow of our own unique FourSquared energy, and one's levels of focus and intention on FEELING IT.


One sees, in their material world, how consciously or unconsciously they are in connection to the 'Field' by observing one's past and present physical realities and manifestations, body, mind, and spirit. The ‘Field’ is governed by the Laws that govern all existence. It is one with the Eternal; It is Infinite Cosmic Creative Power in perpetual motion.  It is made up of radical magnetic creative forces that pervade all space and time. Its gravitational currents seek to align with like energy, by way of attraction (The Law of Love) in the Relative Realm. It Loves to give one more of what one Loves or spins their mental and emotional energy on. It transparently mirrors back what one's Life Creates; Mind/Intelligence Constitutes; Truth/Law Governs; Love Sustains, and what one's Eternal Spirit Contains in the All. It is a uniquely imprinted energetic feedback loop between our intentions and our own ability to wield Creative Force with the ‘Field’, here in our physical realm of existence. Everything that contains Soul frequency is unified and creating symbiotically together, within the Universal 'Field' of Creative Potential and Creation. 


"The 'Field' doesn't test us, we test the 'Field'." 

So how does one tap into this mighty force? It's happening whether one is conscious of it or not. This pure knowledge (also accessed in the 'Filed') is latent in every human being's Soul and can be tuned in for every cosmic resonance setting in the Universe. It requires some effort, and that's where the 'FourSquare' becomes optimally 'The Path'. (Those who study the Science of Being, are aware of the FourSquare Principle and its teachings. If not, refer to the links below for its understanding.) One's FourSquare aspects of one's Being--Life, Mind, Truth, Love, and Spirit must be Harmonized precisely; according to their aspects of the Great Law. In order to access consciously one's co-collective Power, one has within the 'Universal 'Field' of Creative Potential and Creation', one must be FourSquared. The Eternal will not give you what you do not fully resonate one, with—it’s that simple. One must be fully in alignment with the targeted intention in the "Field" to utilize the manifesting forces of Point of Power. It is an understanding that must be respected, and its Laws adhered to, for one to operate its manifesting principles with intentional precision and ideal Liberation, in the 'Field'.

Reaching the 'Point of Power' begins with a direct experience of 'Oneness' with Peace, Harmony, Love, and Self--One with the Eternal, Itself. When this frequency and vibrations are reached, it creates an opening to the vibrational field of higher octaves, where we can directly and consciously lead ourselves to their desired results within the Universal Field of Creative Potential and Creation. The 'Point of Power' is the ascension of one’s living Spirit, within the unified field that governs the Universe. As one progresses through the Octaves, a ‘Light’-ness is felt in the body energy centers. This feeling is gravity losing its pull or influence on you. This is where the pendulums of the Law of Rhythm lose their magnetic power and adherence to one's own precious Life Force Energy. Where one can freely choose the path of one's own Soul.

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