The Science of Being Teachings



Private Study Group

Welcome to one of our newly designed educational support Facebook Pages for the Teachings in The Science of Being. Beginning 2021 we will be going live/chat time with our newly designed private student-study page, on Facebook. (This page will be monitored by Instructors from the Lightbearers World Center.) 


We will be exploring different lessons, topics, answering questions, sharing information, and the deeper insights found in the teachings in of the Science of Being.  Come learn, expand, and enjoy with other Science of Being students. We begin January 4-21, with the Universal Laws (For more information about the Universal Laws see our Study Library and the Science of Being 7 and 27 Lessons books in The Science of Being.) Please contact us personally for the private link to our Facebook Study Group.

We look forward to supporting you and your unique path to enlightened progress!