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The Fundamental Principles: The 27 Lessons

The Next Generation Acting Head Lightbearers; the heirs of the Lightbearers material, just received what was entrusted to them; one of the most wonderful of the many outstanding archives being offered to the world is 1,000 copies of the ARCHIVAL - hard bound copies of the “FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF THE SCIENCE OF BEING.” These books are the first and only printing of these rare archival FIRST EDITIONS. This book is copyrighted and IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. The Elder Chief Lightbearers/Secretaries, with the permission of Baron Eugene Fersen, felt it necessary to expand the 27 Individual Lessons of The Science Of Being, printed in 1927, by adding new thought to each lesson; also adding other teachings such as: the Sixth Cycle, The Our Father, which was Baron Eugene Fersen’s last writing before he left for the Great Beyond.

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Original 27 Lessons printed in 1927; and this hard-bound edition printed in 1976

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