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The 2017 New Year Message

Dear Lightbearers, Happy New Year 2017! With great gratitude, and a deep sincere Love for each of you, we share these words with our fellow Lightbearers around the World. Traditionally, The Lightbearers World Center is publicly quiet during a major world-election year-- we felt it best to go direct to the people. The Lightbearers World Center, and some other affiliate Lightbearers Centers, took our efforts to our communities this past year. We devoted 2016 to a year of community action, and one of world observation. We look forward to the expansion of what we birthed in our communities this past year, and look forward to sharing more with our Lightbearers World-Wide Community, soon. Paying close attention to the flow of Life, and Nature’s guidance in times such as we are presently experiencing, will be very important in the coming years. Having keen insight into our world, serves to educate us on the present state of human consciousness. It is our ways of letting Destiny unfold in Its Eternal presence, in the moment. If we are aware, it is in those clear and precise moments that we are offered the opportunity to seize the optimal action for moving forward. 2016 is now numerically complete, and we begin our shift into the numerical vibration of the New Year 2017. This past year brought us the numerical energies of the number 9-- the great transformer and awakener. A great leap of consciousness into the deeper ‘Principles’ of ‘Truth,’ this past year, was inevitable for the people of this world, 2017 = 10 The ‘I’ in the Eternal’s Reflection---made manifest--Rebirth with the number 9 at the helm. Many evolved from the opportunities that the number 9 year offered them, while others are still grasping for the Understanding of what 2016 brought to ‘Light’ for them. For some the awakening was terrifying, for some a relief, and others still grasp tightly to insurgent illusions that plague one’s ultimate understanding and block, therefore, one’s Liberation. Putting Principles before power will be our duty and our challenge in 2017--and in the coming years. “Ignorance is our worst enemy.” (Eugene Fersen-Pearls of Wisdom). We can no longer rely on the facts as they have been presented to us in the past. We must ‘now’ deeply live Life, think Intelligently, live Truthfully, and unify in Love with All our fellow kind-- for our own Spiritual health, and that of the World’s. Common Sense and Rational Thinking will be the most effective key note speakers at the round tables, in the next few years. Where people gather, they must bring their willingness to understand and share openly with one another. Seek first to find the common ground--that one place where the spark of unity is still a flame with Love, and build from there—this will be imperative, in order to sustain Peace in the coming years. We hit a ‘tipping-point’ in consciousness, and as a result the ‘ego’ god, ‘mind’, is challenged at its ‘turning-point’. Our present state of understanding, in the collective, hit the ceiling of the box it has been contained in; it fractured. It appears that a majority aspect of the collective has expanded beyond its previous states of loyalty, to a ‘Truth’ it once served in the box—it hit critical mass and it tipped. It is time to advance the knowledge, and redefine the codes to support sustainability on our planet, and for the future generations to come. The manmade laws that have gone against the true Principles of Life, have exposed their inability to serve the people of this time, as benevolently as the Soul requires. Evolution has sped up to levels that our reality has never encountered on all three planes of existence Physical, Mental, and Spiritual-- we are in new terrain. It will require an active, intelligent, wide-open and honest heart to navigate the coming advancements--while staying in balance with our dwindling Nature. We ask for the Truth, but do we truly wish to know what exists on the other side of the veil of uncertainty? It will take a great deal of wisdom, understanding, cooperation and unity for Humanity to advance to the place, we as Lightbearers, know exists for ‘All’. We have been struggling as a species for far too long, on matters that disable us from moving to levels of awareness and understanding that will preserve us as a collective species. This New Year, 2017, a #10 year, will surely bring us to a place of ‘Knowing Thy Self,” at levels only ‘Truth’ can take us. 2017 is a ‘10’-- The year of the ‘I’, the ‘One’ standing in front of Eternity’s mirror--this will be the grand influence this coming year. It is a year of the up-righted ‘One’. It represents the ‘I,’ the ‘One’ in front of the Eye of God. This numerical energy is between one’s relationship with its God, and how that is reflected back unto the World. It shall be quite an interesting display of authenticity this year… full transparency will be at the forefront.



These influences that are described below are to be of help as we navigate our awareness and our understanding in 2017

ZERO ‘0’— The Point of Power

This numerical frequency represents the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (its Eternal distance--infinite). The ancients spoke of it as the ‘God force’ in numerology. It represents everything and nothing—everything exists in the unified field. Its numerical frequencies represent wholeness, cycles, movement, infinite potential, and it symbolizes freedom from limitations in the material world. Zero is the number of the ‘The Great Principle’ force and therefore also represents Universal Life Energy. When it appears with another number, it charges that number by reinforcing its own Principles—it amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with. The number Zero contains in it, the attributes of all other numbers. Its shadow side is merely a reflection-- random chaos, or conscious creation. If willing to gaze upon Its Truth, it will undoubtedly bring one closer to the source of all living things.

ONE ‘1’—Self Creation

Number 1’s frequencies are aligned with REBIRTH - self, new creation, awareness, strength, authority, organization, independence, assertiveness, uniqueness, motivation, self-leadership, tenacity, intuition, progress, inspiration, glory, primal energy, and ultimate Understanding. One’s (1) shadow aspect can be— intolerance, separation, lack of emotional growth-immaturity, dependence, aggression, arrogance and dominance.

There is an optimal way of doing things—while living, and then there are distractions that will cause you to steer from its path. Getting back on one’s optimal life-track is always the correct adjustment to serve one’s spirit and the further advancement of one’s character. There is a black and a white—and all living things are the many shades of gray that dance among their shadows. How will you emerge this 2017? Remember who is at the round tables, support those who are awakening, and do your very best to live as the conscious creators that you were designed to BE—it’s the time to Rebirth the Earth as we Rebirth ourselves.

In the Light of Love we wish you all a very safe, peace,

and joy filled New Year 2017,

The Lightbearers World Center,

and from the affiliate Lightbearers Center’s around the World


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