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2020 Lightbearers World Center's New Year's Message

Dear Lightbearers of the World,

Happy New Year, 2020-- a number 4 year and the end of a 10 year cycle! 2019 has now come to a close. It was a number 3 year; the numerical frequency of the Inner Child and the Triune Nature of all living things. As a result, we saw innocence rise all over the world. This New Year will be clearly marked by the aspects 2020 emotively and vibrationally induces-- Perception and focus (of intention and attention) regarding clarity, vision, and direction will be the energizing forces. There will be a 'laser focus' on aspects of Creation’s past, present, and Its probable future. If one is willing to observe, one's present state of evolution, it will show one how strongly one grips the pendulums, that move and sustain them. 2020 will be a year for connecting the dots...and the year where Humanity will began to fully 'Awake' from the Dream.

We are now on the edge of a great shift and the passing 6th Race of Humanity—it was a fleeting cycle; one that reflected the lack of vision for Truth and Its Intelligence—too many things tried to exist in the dark and it tipped the scales on itself. This year, old myths and grand illusions will further be exposed and dissolved. Anything that does not resonate ‘One’ with Universal Truth will not enter or exist in the 7th Cycle of Humanity smoothly, and IT'S HERE! It has been in its infant stage, for awhile, yet infinite in its resonance. It is now ready to emerge onto the world’s stage, in an undeniable way. The 7th Cycle's 'sense' is defined as living 'INSPIRATION'~ The Breath of God'.

A Star for the Seventh Cycle of Humanity

With the help of the #4 frequency which correlates with the fourth position on the FourSquare, ‘Love’, one can only hope that humankind will open their hearts to the Intelligence the 7th Cycle of Humanity has for the people of this world. The rise of Liberation and its understanding is happening everywhere on our planet. Only in locations where the Wisdom and Intelligence of the 7th Cycle of Humanity are being embraced and presently practiced, are we seeing intentional Hope manifested in its purest form and a glimpse into a sustainable and true new world.

This 2020 cycle will be dedicated to the Truth about Humanities existence and how to optimally sustain all life, here on this planet. The Great Principle’s Truth/Law cannot be replicated by principles designed with energy-draining pendulums, deceitful illusions, or by those who are naive enough to try to lie to Soul about Truth. Everything will be in the Universal Lens, and under Truth’s Gavel, this 2020 year.

"Truth is the Director in the Universal Field of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge; all Creation."

Here are some thoughts of support we would like to offer our Lightbearers Community, to assist navigating this New Year, 2020:

· Swift action is also associated with the frequency of the number combination 2020. This year and its experiences will progress swiftly. It will be a year of great opportunity to build a sustainable foundation for any project, so long as the plan is in alignment with the direction of the energy and emergence of the 7th Cycle of Humanity.

· Take your time when dealing with the outer flow---the collective field will be overflowing with excess human intention and potential this year. Read your signs wisely! Slow time by utilizing and putting conscious awareness into action in all that you do. Be awake and aware in the Ever~Present NOW.

· Watch how you give the Law of Rhythm’s ‘flying monkey pendulums’ the relevancy of your energy. Be aware and understand where you invest your energy and place your attention. Awareness and Understanding are key. Make optimal choices for your embodied Soul. The Future is watching from the Ever~Present Now.

· Steady your internal dialogue and your out~flowing intentional energy, while coasting with the rhythm and vibration pendulums create. Utilize the 'SPARK' exercise; familiarize yourself with its energetics. Tap into the Star Exercises' flow of Universal Life Energy (ULE) and the other Science of Being techniques, for a balance and harmonization reset.

· If you asked for it, and are aligned with it, have faith in the knowledge that it is coming.

· Practice the aspects of the teachings of the FourSquare Principles within yourself: All Life, All Mind/Intelligence, All Truth/Law, All Love, and All Spirit one with its pure Soul. Become mindfully connected with the heart of your Higher Self, your Eternal Nature, in all the affairs of your daily life.

To be FourSquared is a gift one gives to Self and to the World. Once you are, you have become the internal and external designer and director of your own reality. You have mastered your own scripts and know how to write and manifest new ones. The Point of Power is your access to the Universal Field of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge; all Creation, and with mastery you know the Power and the Laws that operate there and how to efficiently utilize them. The Universal Laws and the alchemy of Nature are one with you. Your manifested reality is your manifesto.

The Lightbearers World Center has now reopened its redesigned Lightbearers Study Library. We dedicated our first uploads of Inspirational learning material with a focus and attention on The Great Law and Its first defining aspect-- the FourSquare. Enjoy the knowledge and Inspiration! May many blessings of Joy and Peace be yours this 2020 New Year!

In Light and Love,

The Lightbearers World Center and the Lightbearers Centers from around the World.

©Lightbearers World Center for the teachings in The Science of Being ~2020 New Year’s Message. This 2020 message is dedicated to our dear devoted Friend of the Teachings, Ed S. Lightbearer, may you rest in Eternal Peace.



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