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2019 New Years Message

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Dear Lightbearers of the World. Happy New Year, 2019!

Evolution has its own optimal plan, its own Destiny, and Humanity is

collectively a part of it becoming…or not. As odd the dichotomy, the collective

begins within each living Being. A flame cannot exist without first the ‘Spark of Unity’.

If one fully experienced the #2 vibration of this past 2018 year, they had the

opportunity to dive deep into the understanding of the ‘Inner Collective’ terrain of

the two dominant aspects of one’s own inner Flame. It was a year devoted to the

finer aspects of the Law of Gender, the Feminine and the Masculine energies on

the planet, and the repercussions of its causes and effects on this plane of

existence. Understanding and developing the relationship between the ‘Inner

Parenting Adults’—the Feminine Mother in all its Wisdom, Light, and Power and

the Masculine Father in all its Wisdom, Light, and Power-- will give great rise to

the ‘Grand Collective’ in these times. Ultimately, this union plus its ‘Inner Child,’

forms the World’s Collective Spirit. If further left underdeveloped and not

understood, the energy of the creative-collective-pool will become Humanity’s


Humanity can only depend on the collective to the extent each individual

autonomy gives rise to it. Unfettered or bound, Humanity, together, will come to

know how to cultivate Unity’s Law in the coming years. If not learned and

embodied by our species, many forms of Life here on this planet will go extinct.

This is the true nature of our times here on this planet, and we can no longer

deny it, or be silent about it. Mother Nature and Father Earth need our species to

fully wake up and stay particularly conscious about how one exists on their form,

now. Humankind has been a heavy load to carry and to be burdened with,

throughout the ages. It becomes a numb and anemic world when a deep

connection to Nature is lost in us. One’s own Soul depends on one’s connection

to Nature-- It leads to the Eternal-- Nature is Life’s greatest Teacher of ‘The Eternal Laws’.

This past year likely changed one’s life forever, or challenged one on the

physical and/or emotional planes like none before. 2018’s #2 vibrational history,

and how it rolled through one’s life, will be forever etched on the Collective Spirit

of Humanity. It was a Karmic shake-down; an overall shedding, and Humanity is

evolving quickly as a result of it.

Our challenge and our greatest ‘task’ this 2019 year, is to understand the deep and optimal aspects of the use of one’s inner power and the use of the Law of Unity.

This year, a #3 vibrational year, also known as a Triune Year--this represents

the Holy Trinity from within. Here enters the frequency of the ‘Inner Child’ to join

the vibrations of the ‘Inner Parenting Adults’. The ‘Inner Child’, well developed or

wounded, governs deep aspects of one’s physical world—one’s ‘Center Point of

Power’ (the point in the center of the FourSquare on the physical plane-- a

teaching in the Science of Being—also associated with the heart center). It is

also what defines our manifestations. If one is in the mature cycles of their life,

this year will challenge the ‘Inner Parenting Adults’. Where does one lack

maturity? Where in our fabric are there holes leaking Life Force Energy? Where

does one lack self-discipline? What are our road-blocks to putting common sense

into action as we evolve in Life? The ‘Inner-Child,’ either cries for food to feed its

unmet needs and unaccomplished goals, or it will have a forever sense of Divine

innocence, empathy, and a magical use of imagination and Creative Power. It will

let one’s ‘Inner Parenting Adults’ know when one is hiding and where one needs

to come out into the Light. It is the ‘Inner Parent’s’ duty to maturely guide the

‘Inner Child’, through the inner Triune collective terrain on this plane of

existence—The Holy Trinity--The Father, The Mother, and The Child, as they

navigate the FourSquare of their Life; together as a whole.

There are many Human Spirits on their personal karmic journeys—searching to

synch up with their Soul’s Understanding on this plane of existence. Embody that

understanding, and most of what one entertains as polarity, will disappear. The

undisciplined and lethargic wait in hopes for the collective to grow strong enough

so they may effortlessly catch a free wave of change without having to have the

inner dialogue... but, there will be no free waves to catch or ride in the years to

come. It will take all of us to heal the heart of this planet. We are in a time where

the mature Mind of Wisdom must take over—whereas, Justice is ruled by the

heart and Truth always has the last word.

"Fate is something which originated when we became mortals. It has a beginning and an end. It is built by our own thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is brought about by the Law of Cause and Effect. Fate and Destiny have nothing in common. Fate can be changed Destiny cannot. The Eternal Self must abide by the Law of Destiny."

~Advanced Teachings in the Science of Being.

When every single living Spirit, in physical form, has fallen deeply in alignment

and in love with its own Soul, Humankind will truly experience a collective feed of

loving, optimal awareness, and understanding, flowing from the pool of Collective

Consciousness-- a World that will live in balance and harmony on Humanity’s watch.

Embodied awareness has always been present throughout all of our teachings.

You have to FEEL and Understand it, to fully embody it. The Science of Being

teachings, teach us to Love ourselves and the life we’ve been gifted. It is our duty

to unfold the Truth of our present time in accordance with our ever-expanding

Spirit-- which is in constant reach of one’s Soul. So few understand that one’s

self-love must be congruent with the love for the goal in order to achieve it.

It is a time to awaken and stand fully-upright, if one hasn’t, the Lightbearer in

us, and assist that Light in every human being, and every living thing. What are

we dreaming in? It is our duty, more than ever now, to show the Eternal-Great

Principle the gratitude It deserves for such a beautiful creation—Life.

It is more our Nature to give from the Lightbearers World Center, but today we

would like to ask something of each of you, (please spread the word in whatever

capacity you serve your community). Every morning, and every night, for the next

year, go outside and lay your hands on the Earth, and call in the Universal Life

Energy. Then download the Universal Life Energy to our beloved Star. Sit with

the flow of energy and the Nature of all things. Let’s consciously heal this planet

together, as we heal ourselves—this is our practice now. We thank you in

advance with deep appreciation.

May each of you and all of your beloved ones, have a Joy-filled New Year!

From The Lightbearers World Center and our affiliate LB Centers from around the World for the Teachings in The Science of Being.

New Year’s Message 2019


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