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2018 New Years Message

Dear Lightbearer-Beings of the World, Happy New Year 2018!

Have you felt it coming alive? It came in on strength’s wings and an Eternal prayer, it did.

We ended 2017’s New Year’s message with the words ‘Rebirth the Earth’, and only through ourselves and as a collective, will this come to be in the coming years.

Unity within our own inner terrain will be ‘key’ to the condition of the human spirit and its soul’s place in this world.

Light.... It is always equal to its own power when wielding creation in this realm. It moves in its own progression-- as does its duality counterpart. It has its own point of power, tipping point, and point of creation— all things do—as all things are made of Light. In understanding this, we would understand our true selves better. We are either utilizing our light-bodies to be reflective, absorbed, or refracted.

This year, 2-0-1-8 is an 11/2 frequency. Here are some of the most important meanings about this frequency from the perspective of the 4 square Principle.

In the Life Corner ‘the inner pillars will rise’ with regard to the aspects of the ‘whole-self’—with the emphasis being on the relationship with the masculine and the feminine from within one’s own physical being; as well as with all living things. These vibrations will assist in the creative expansion and embodiment of one’s understanding ‘who’ they are, completely and ‘wholly’, and what that means to one’s existence upon the earth. No matter the gender one chose for their evolutionary experiences in this life and/or their reality of it— the dance between these two will be ‘high-lighted’ this year.

In Mind’s Corner, (Mind also having both feminine and masculine in its design) its Duality components of consciousness and how they operate from their plane of creation will also be emphasized. Mind constitutes itself in the creative realm by how one learns, understands, optimally guides projected thought, and utilizes wisdom, or one’s truth of it. These two aspects of mind, when they are in their full display of their full wisdoms, will take one to another level regarding physical manifestation. This relationship within defines all of our relationships with people, places, and things. Through their relationship we learn about Unity and where we are separated from it.

In the corner of Truth, we will see the pillars of Hope rise like we have not seen before. Do your best to hold steady your inner pillars when the waves of 2018’s shifts come. You can’t keep Truth suppressed in the dark. It’s part of the Great Law. Truth governs one’s ‘will’ with an iron-rod. Truth’s corner of the 4 square principles is where our inner strength comes from, and our foundations rise. Truth is the Law. Through Truth we grow and evolve our character, for which Soul has a special seat in its garden this 2018.

And in Love’s Corner, we find a gateway where love can go deeper in its state of service and its sustainability here on Earth. How we Love ourselves is ultimately a reflection of how we appreciate the gift of Life. To Love is the act of living thanks we give to the Creator, the Great Mother, and the Great Father who created it all.

Seize your moments with the Light!

Last year was a number ’1’/0 year followed by billions of the infinite frequencies of the Great Principal’s number, 0’s (there will never be a true number 1 year again). That frequency emphasized the individual 1, reflecting one’s relationship with their God, their higher power, back onto the Earth plane. That’s what made its debut here last year through the Universal Mirror. How did it go?

Now this year, we turn the feminine and the masculine aspects of our human nature towards the Universal Mirror, to make their reflected debut upon the earth plane.

Both these aspects, the feminine and the masculine, exist in all living beings and things, and for good reason--to keep the peace. This knowledge, this wisdom is the deepest work one will do regarding the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity--and coming to know the total power of oneself. There will be two auspicious energies and unique gifts that the 2018 vibration offers us this year.

First, we have a re-boot year physically, mentally, and spiritually. If we are self-disciplined to make the alignment, we will benefit greatly if we believe. Be brave and kick the habituals that hold you back from your growth and ultimately, from your full healing. Seize these miracle moments this year.

Secondly, 2018 is going to be an ego-crusher for some. Separation and greed or anything that pales others in the name of one’s own self-interest will not make the ultimate shift. That should stand most straight-up!

Our planet has aged like the thousands of generations that came before us, and to share scientific truth, it is presently in alignment with our fate as a species, not its own earthly destiny. It will take maturity and self-discipline to shift the present state of our existence, which ultimately and presently defines us as human beings.

Don’t let the unspoken go buried now. And hail to the Bridge Builders and to those who make the trek of service to cross them!

If your heart holds a glimmer of promise and hope; if you still believe that everyone has the right to a liberated, peaceful, safe, and nourishing place under the sun and a healed and healthy land to sustain this kind of an existence, you are well on your way to making the best of all the gifts and excitement this year holds for Humankind.

In Light and Love,

The Lightbearers World Center’s Acting Head Lightbearers, for the Lightbearers World Center and its New Year’s Message 2018. ©


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