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The Science of Being Teachings have been honored by readers as:
“The most powerful knowledge ever put into written form for the public with regard to the scientific and spiritual advancement and Liberation for Humankind. The Science of Being is, as close as possible, the human interpretation of the Divine Book of Nature". It is a friend to all religions, philosophies, and cultures if properly realized and optimally utilized.

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Eugene Fersen was associated with the world’s most eminent teachers, scientists, and philosophers of his time. He is known as 'The Teacher of Teachers'. Eugene birthed the greatest 'Human Potential Movement' which later became the inspiration for the coming 'New Age of Enlightenment'.

Founded on December 14, 1921, by Eugene Fersen. The mission-- to show all people, regardless of Race, Nationality, Creed or Belief the finest and best out of life Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually with abundance and Harmony in all three areas.

It is our mission here at the Lightbearers World Center and the Lightbearers College, to provide

our community with an inspiring

and supportive learning environment

that presents our students with sustainable life-changing tools. 


This is the official website for the Lightbearers Organization —
we are an International Educational,
Scientific, Non-Sectarian, Non-Political, Humanitarian Organization that was founded on December 14, 1921 by Eugene Fersen

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