Eugene Loher, AHLB

I had the privilege of meeting Svetozar Baron Eugene Fersen when I was very young. I lived at the Lightbearers College as a boarder and a Lightbearer Student while attending Seattle University in my Junior and Senior year; those years have proven to be of some the most profound in my life.


I graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Philosophy; while I lived at the Lightbearers College, I was instructed by Rosalie D. AHL, one of the most cherished Elder Lightbearers and an extraordinary human being. Out of respect for my Elder Lightbearer Teachers, I began to take care of them and the College when they needed my assistance.


The US Military called me to duty and I was shipped abroad to foreign countries for another kind of service for Humanity. Upon my return to the States, I continued my studies as a Lightbearer and stayed in contact with the Elder Head Lightbearer and Chief Lightbearers throughout the many years that followed.


As the time grew nearer for the re-emergence of the “Next Generation Lightbearers,” my dear friend, Berenice L. AHL, the last remaining Acting Head Lightbearer and heir to Svetozar Baron Eugene Fersen’s estate and the Lightbearers Organization, “Passed The Flame of Love and Inspiration” to two of us making us the official representatives of the Lightbearers Materials and Organization.


I have and will continue to dedicate my life to “The Great Law – God.” I am known in many Spiritual Circles, as a “Man of God” – I would like to think of myself more as “A Man for God.” I dedicate my days now to my beloved and to Humanity by teaching others about the grace that comes to one when one is in a deep relationship with God.


Laura Taylor-Jensen AHLB and I look forward to preparing the way for the next lineage of the “Lightbearers” and our hopes are that we do it “Always in a Good Way.”

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