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Let’s Get Your Lifeforce Glowing!

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Join me on a 28-day Food Meditation, created just for You!


This is an opportunity for us to engage in the nature of one’s relationship with food by deeply connecting with ingredients that are created by the Source and are grown to heal, nourish, and sustain us. Like a meditation, we can sit with the ingredient (not literally or if you feel inclined, sit with it in meditation, do so, plant-life has a lot to share) from a perspective of questioning.  Then integrate it into your lifestyle. If you resonate with it, let it become a staple food that nourishes and benefits you and those you feed.

What is the 28 Day Food Meditation?

It will be 28 days of connection, discovery and creating with plant based foods. An exploration of how a plant-based lifestyle can be of immense benefit to your own precious 'Life Energy' and well-being and your families.


This is what I have lined up for us….

  • You and I will connect to discuss our relationship and our connection with food.

  • You will be discovering nature’s bounty from a deeper awareness.

  • Like a guided meditation, I will be there right there with you through the 28 days and beyond, showing you what I do to keep my body in the most optimum state with an optimal plant-based lifestyle.

  • Then you and I will be in the kitchen creating some plant-based dishes that I know your body, mind, and spirit will be thankful for. Preparing with whole foods is pure healthy fun!

I have envisioned a learning environment and support group where those who wish to engage in the 28 Day Food Meditation, can come together and discuss their insights, thoughts, and ideas about their food journey through the 28 Day Food Meditation-- swap ideas, recipes, and build a strong healthy food community, that continues long after the 28 days are over.

We are pretty excited about this 'Life Energy' expanding process, as well as the opportunity to build community. To learn and to know ourselves deeply through our connection with food, is a profound and rewarding physical experience. We look forward to you joining us!

Blessings…….The Lifeforce Foodies

Kathy Just, Program Creator

Program Contributors:

Kathy Just, Whole Foods Chef and the 28 Day Food Meditation Program Creator.

Laura Taylor Jensen, Lightbearers World Center's ALHB and resident Herbalist. 

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