28 Day Food Meditation

What is a 28 day Meditation Food Integration?


It is an opportunity for us to engage in the nature of one’s food by deeply connecting with ingredients that are provided to heal, nourish, and sustain us. Like a meditation we can sit with the ingredient (not literally) but from a perspective of questioning.  Then integrate it into your lifestyle (if you resonate with it) and let it become a staple that nourishes you or your family or someone you care about that could benefit from it.

  • All life has a purpose, plants, herbs, flowers, spices, etc. They all have their own personal little story. They serve us OR serve their own species in the reproduction of their own survival. We collect these plants for our sustenance, energy giving properties, but do we ever stop to think about this?


I am proposing for ALL of us to engage in choosing a different single food ingredient for 28 days and to get into the soul and energy of the ingredient, to expand ourselves on a different level on how we use that food ingredient and how it serves us.


How do you do this?


So, what I would like to do is for ALL of us to pick an ingredient, some you use now, but preferably ones you usually don’t use, maybe you have seen something in a cook book, the internet, a group you already follow on social media, a family member you have seen using an ingredient that you have been wanting to try but haven’t yet.

As for the source, if you can forage in an area that is safe from pesticides, herbicides, etc, that would be an excellent start, otherwise your organic green grocer, farmers market, your garden, neighbors garden, family’s garden, etc. 


Create your own little experiment with each ingredient,  journal down what you pick and use it to create a food dish, be it a smoothie, green juice vegetable juice, a fermented dish, hot dish, raw dish, a dessert, it’s totally up to you what you want to create with that ingredient.

But first, get into the soul and energy of the ingredient (like you would a meditation).

I would like you to ask yourself these questions with each ingredient….


Meditate On It

  1. Why did I pick.

    1. Heard that it was healthy and was an opportunity to try it out.

    2. I just felt like I needed to experiment with it. (Energy of the ingredient)

    3. It’s overall beauty?

    4. Texture – Shape – Color?

  2. Has it been grown ethically and sustainably?

  3. Has it been grown organically? Spray free? 

  4. How would this ingredient serve you nutritionally? (Health Benefits of this ingredient, google this!)

  5. Did you resonate with it energetically?

  6. Stop and look at their structure? Color? Why does it have the aroma and taste that is has?  i.e bitter, astringent, sweet, woody, etc.

This could really get the juices (literally) of the mind, body, soul connection thing going with what you have chosen. We all love to experiment (well I do!).  Once you do this, you will get an understanding that nature has and does provide everything we need for optimal health.  The nutritional benefits of all plant-based foods are vast and have everything our body requires. our blessed creator provided them for us.


Suggestions of ingredients:


A spice / A herb / A leafy Green / edible weeds / edible flowers / fruit / seeds / nuts / Root vegetable / I would like you to keep it to a single ingredient.


** Please make sure if you are foraging that it is safe to eat, i.e. if it is a fungus, or a wild herb, you would need to identify it first and its method of preparation.


You can juice it, sprout it, eat it raw, cook with it, use it to make a dressing, topping, in a dish, etc.

Use your imagination and make sure it has an impact on your creation, but not too much, just so you get the feel of the ingredient in your creation. Whatever you create is up to you.



  1. How will you use it?

  2. You may need to have a think ahead a bit if you need to prepare the ingredient for the next day, for instance if you are sprouting it or fermenting that ingredient.

  3. How can the ingredient serve you?

  4. Ask your family for ideas, support and encourage them to join in with you. (I’m sure they will be willing to sample the end result with you!).



Sprouting: If you are going to maybe sprout some seeds, younger members of the family could engage in soaking the seeds and watching them sprout.

And if you have sprouted too many, maybe you could even then plant the seeds in the garden, to further their interest in growing their own food. Nothing more satisfying than going out to the garden if you have one and harvesting it yourself.


So this is going to be kind of fun, because the experiment of trying something different will expand your skills in creating something new, give you the nudge to try that different ingredient and your family and after having this experience you will find you might question where, why and how you create you food to nourish your body.



**Something else I would encourage you to introduce into your preparation and eating your meals is:


 When you create your dish, Your state of being.

  1. How are you feeling when you prep your dish and sit down to eat it?

  2. Try to ALWAYS to be in a state of gratitude when you prepare and consume your dish. I am sure you are all aware, everything is energy and where your attention goes energy flows. Your food is energy and when your intention is of love, gratitude and appreciation, then you are sending high vibrational energy into that food and giving it a quality of that vibration.

  3. Be in appreciation and give thanks to the Powers of nature and the Cosmic Beings that have supplied all the elements so we have that wonderful abundance we tap into.


Blessing Your Food: 

Create and practice a simple blessing of your food. It can be a simple thanking of the food before you eat to yourself silently or it can be a communal blessing that is spoken all together, but must be done with the feeling of gratefulness.  Because it’s the feeling that carries the energy into the food by way of vibrational frequency.

Thanking or Blessing our God created ‘Powers of Nature’ and ‘Beings of the Elements’ that provide here on earth all that we have been given is a gifting back to those wonderful beings that truly.


If you don’t already bless your food, I will include one in your template.


After you have completed the dish


Questions to ask yourself.


Did it resonate energetically with me?

  1. Did I like it?     Yes/ No – Why or why not.

  2. Would I use it again?

    1. If Yes - Why? Taste? health Benefit? Value for money?

    2. If No - Why Not? Taste? Cost? Access to the ingredient? Difficulty of using it?


Finally, I thought it might be nice to engage with you and others on my FB Group how the challenge went, swap recipes, ideas on ways to create with something you wouldn’t normally use.

I have just created a new FB Group for this, you can go here………  once you get started.



After the challenge is complete, I will hail you all for a get together and see what we all came up with.


Objective for participants:


The objective of this 28day meditation food integration.

  1. To create and an awareness and energy of an ingredient you wouldn’t normally use and to integrate it into your lifestyle.

  2. An appreciation and gratitude to the wonderful souls who work very hard to bring these ingredients to your table for your health’s sake.

  3. Find the source of your ingredient and did you find out anything new about the processing of the ingredient. 

  4. Introducing wholefoods/raw foods into ones lifestyle to create improved wellness.

  5. Involving other family members to try new things and being open to healthier options.


Objective for me:


To challenge participants in reaching outside the foods they usually don’t use and get into the energy of the ingredient.  for their benefit and awareness on new foods and people who go to great lengths to bring nutritious foods.


To gain new skills on different ingredients by researching, foraging and testing the ingredient out.


What new knowledge will they gain? 

The Health benefit of the ingredient and how to work with it and if it is right for them.



Challenge other participants to do the same and post feedback on the FB group.

  1. Will engage interaction with others.

  2. Give ideas to each other on how to use the chosen ingredient.



** Send each one a template of what to do and include a food blessing.

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