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The Lightbearers Oil

The Lightbearers Oil
oz bottle $22.50
Shipping & Handling $4.50 (USA)
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A rare and sacred blend of organic essential oils.  The power of this oil’s alchemy comes from the proper ratio and blending of these rare and sacred oils.  They open the channels and alchemize in the body the vibrations of Heaven and Earth.  When wearing The Lightbearer Oil, or using it as an element of specific practices, these essences will both ground one to Nature's finest aspects and evoke a feeling of expansion to spiritual heights.

NOTE: For external use only

FourSquare Water

FourSquare Water
8 oz bottle $33
Shipping & Handling $5.50 (USA)
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This water is a PURE alchemical distillation of the living essence. Not having come from any ground source, it carries only the pure solar life force energy, free of any energetic distortions and environmental imprints, calories, chemicals, metals, bacteria, viruses, fungus or mold. Its ingredients are 100% pure sky blue water, with extra dissolved life giving oxygen. The alchemized components of the FourSquare Water are the most powerful conduits of permeable consciousness known to humankind. When infusing and imprinting this water with conscious intention and then taken into the body, the structure of this new information, the intentional imprint, will be carried to the deepest cellular level. This sets in motion a frequency that will align one’s internal world with their external, as set forth by their intentional imprint.

Best use is for aligning, creating, cleansing; for before, during and after all spiritual practices.          ~ more information ~

Harmonic Rose Spray

Harmonic Rose
8 oz spray bottle $22
Shipping & Handling $5 (USA)
International shipping available Contact Us


This aromatherapy spray has a very powerful alchemical property and works holistically by opening the sacred cross in the body. It opens the energy flow of the heart and brings one back to center.  It connects the heart and mind; it assists them to operate in unison so they can create Life as one. Rose opens the channels between the eyes and heart, allowing for more connection between your sight and the world you perceive. This spray is made of highly filtered water, FourSquare Water, rose essential oil, and wildcrafted wild rose spagyric essence.

NOTE: For external use only

The Path of the Lightbearer

The Path of The Lightbearer
- The Kit -

Sale Price: $220
Shipping & Handling $8.50 (USA)
International shipping available
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A one year journey into the unfolding of the  FourSquare within. 6 bottles of tincture  remedies in a kit with instructions.  These remedies are designed to be used with the corresponding corners of the FourSquare. Use them as a full year program; in conjunction with the disciplines of the FourSquare teachings or as needed.

~ for more information;
and to learn how to take the FourSquare remedies

Bath Salts

Lightbearers Bath Salts
1lb bag $26.50
Shipping & Handling $6 (USA)
International shipping available Contact Us


Our body scrub, helps to stimulate blood circulation near the surface of the skin and opens the pores for maximum elimination of body toxins.  Use during or after a bath or shower.  Rub vigorously over your body and feel your skin come alive.  Sprinkle on your carpets and under cushions to deodorize and refresh your sacred spaces.

All natural organic ingredients:.Oatmeal, Hemp Oil, Myrrh Powder, Mustard Seed Powder, Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, (Magnesium Sulfate), Natural Chalk (Calcium Carbonate), and a Sacred Ancient Blend of Organic Essential Oils.

NOTE: For external use only


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